Reminder for arriving guests

Reminder for arriving guests

Dear Guests!

We are glad to welcome You at Ski Inn Hotels!

  • Please, be informed with the following information connected with the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Only members of 1 family may stay in 1 room together;
  • If the guest has high temperature or any signs of A.R.V.I. – hotel may refuse accommodation;
  • Our guests should undergo a body temperature check – contactlessly (during check-in, in the restaurant and SPA);
  • We ask our guests to keep distance in public spaces and use individual protection equipment (masks and gloves), regularly wash and disinfect hands with antiseptics.
  • The room should be aerated every 2 hours.

Please, inform us if You have high temperature or any signs of A.R.V.I. – FO Clerk will call the ambulance. If the guest refuses to be hospitalized, he/she will be asked to self-isolate in the room. The guest`s personal information will be given to Rospotrebnadzor.

If You have any additional questions – we are here to help You!

8-800-222-37-37 (Free for Russian Federation)